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A small piece of equipment that nevertheless can be very helpful is a pair of gloves. American football gloves are designed to help players grip the ball better. The palm surface is covered with a sticky rubber material – this is so effective that even some quarterbacks throw with gloves on!


Another reason for wearing gloves is to avoid the small cuts and bruises that you easily get when hitting and tackling during a game. Even a thin receiver-glove will protect against this.

With so many options, its no wonder that nearly all football players wear gloves today.



Receivers and running backs should purchase flexible, soft gloves that have some tackiness (stickiness) to them, since they need to handle the ball a lot.


Linebackers and defensive backs should look for gloves that are heavily padded on the top but at the same time a flexible, and sticky glove


The linemen constantly smashing into each other in the trenches 60 times a game, may need a little more. So for the linemen more gloves are available, thick padding covers the back of the hand, knuckles and fingers, but still leaving the palm with a grip surface in case there is a fumble to recover.


Glove Materials


Upper Glove

The glove’s upper side is typically made from leather, synthetic or spandex material.

Leather breathes well which helps keep your hands comfortable. It is also a flexible and very durable material.

Synthetic gloves are usually less expensive than leather.

The gloves made of spandex materials provide excellent flexibility and softness and are typically used on all Receiver, Running Back and Defensive Back gloves



The glove’s Palm is made from cabatta leather or latex material.


The cabatta leather gives a great fit and flexibility, and is usually treated with a tackiness substance to provide better ball grip. Leather is good for all weather, but can get slippery if dried out.


A thin latex palm provides optimal fit and flexibility. The material secures optimal ball grip and keeps the tackiness intact. Latex gloves can get slippery when it rains.



All gloves can be hand washed with dish soap in low temperatures when dirty, after which they should be air-dried slowly.