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Schutt F7 VTD

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Nike Vapor Jet 5.0 White 2018

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Nike Coldgear Hydropull Hood

Nike Coldgear Hydropull Hood

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Like any sport played on a grass field the shoes or cleats in used American football are an important piece of equipment. Spikes or cleats of different lengths are needed to make sure that players get traction and grip on the playing surface and don’t slide.


American football boots usually have a stud right at under front of the toes, this is to get the maximum speed, and grip when you are driving into your opponent. Soccer boots don’t have this stud (it gets in the way of kicking). Also football boots have thicker padding on top of the foot, and sometimes support the ankle, in a way that soccer boots never do. As you can tell football boots are quite different from soccer boots, so it makes good sense to invest in a good pair.


Shoe style

There are three main types of shoes, High-tops, Mid-cut and low-cut.

The High-tops extend up the ankle to provide extra support, especially for lateral movements. Linemen benefit from this support because of the pressure put on their ankles during the game.


A mid-cut shoe offers support while still allowing maneuverability. This style best fits the game of skill players- defensive backs, running backs, wide receivers and quarterbacks

Some players prefer low-cuts because they weigh very little. The lower cut provides extra maneuverability to allow you to make quick cuts on the field.



There are two types of spikes, those that are molded into the boots, and those that you screw into the boot called cleats.


For hard surfaces and artificial turf the molded kind are usually the best. Molded cleats are generally less expensive than shoes with detachable cleats.


For deeper grass and wet conditions the extra grip from the screw-ins studs is preferable. Studs can be removed and replaced to fit field conditions on all types of grass. Their versatility makes detachable cleats preferable if you primarily play on grass.


Shoe Materials

The shoe's upper typically is made from either a leather or synthetic material.

Leather breathes well, which helps keep your feet more comfortable, and is generally more flexible, a big plus in both comfort and function. Leather shoes are generally more expensive.


Synthetics are usually less expensive than leather, but won't give you the breathability and durability of leather.