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Riddell Kombine AP

Runningbacks, Linbackers & Defensive Back Shoulderpad
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Riddell Kombine AP
Riddell Kombine AP

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Product Description

Lightweight and flexible shoulderpad designed for runningbacks, linebackers and defensive backs. This shoulderpad offer similar features as more high end padsby Riddell.




- Flat Pad design
Fits tight to the shoulder giving you more room to turn your head/helmet.

- RipKord technology 
Helping in emergencies, if an acute injury occurs, medics can easier disassemble the equipment from the player by dragging the RIPKORD.

- AIR Management
Giving you extra good shock absorption.

- Velvet Collar 
Gives you a comfy collar to wear.

BIOTHANE straps 
For increased flexibility.

Size Guide

Riddell Shoulderpads Size guide

Get help to your Shoulderpad

Press play on the video to get instructions on meassurement and fitting.


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